A Green forestry student. The youngest councillor in Northern Savonia.

Youth interests, the environment and animals.

Standing for those and always against the conservative voices of yesterday.

About me

I joined the Greens in the spring of 2019. Those were the heydays of the global climate movement, and I too got the courage to take part in a climate strike. I was studying in Kuopio - A city that was full of excitement about the then upcoming parliamentary elections.

I talked with all the party activists, but only the Green ones made a lasting impression on me. I had found my political home! A home that always cares about the environment.

Since then I've amassed a ton of great memories, acquaintances and political experience. Below is a peek of all the political positions I've come to hold.

The gallery in English:

  • The Municipality of Keitele: Youth councillor 2016-2018

  • Greens of Upper Savonia: Board member, secretary 2020-onwards

  • Greens of Savo-Karelia: District board member 2020-2022, 2023

  • The Municipality of Keitele: Municipal councillor 2021-onwards

  • The Municipality of Keitele: Second vice chairperson of the Council 2021-onwards

  • Development Company SavoGrow: Shareholder's representative, 2021-onwards

  • Monitoring Group for the Upper Savonia Local Climate Program: Municipal representative 2024-onwards

  • Student Union POKA: Student representative 2024-onwards

  • Student Union POKA: Vice chairperson of the Representative Council